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THE BMW G 310 R.


The BMW G 310 R is the essence of riding pleasure. It was built for pulsing cities and for all those who simply love riding motorcycles. It is manoeuvrable, easy to handle and sporty at the same time. Whether you're a large or small rider – every type of rider feels immediately at home on the BMW G 310 R! The bike is lightweight, yet a real powerhouse with its 313 cc engine. The new bike will bring you safely and reliably to work, to the next hotspot or out of the city. The G 310 R is a real BMW motorcycle, just with a reduced capacity. Maximum quality, excellent workmanship and extraordinary technology ensure intense riding pleasure.


Choose your style.

The BMW G 310 R is available in three exciting colour variants: cosmic black one, Strato blue metallic and – as a real highlight – pearl white metallic.

    Pearl white metallic

    Prominent accent graphics in the BMW motorsport colours blue and red ensure a sporty look.

    Strato blue metallic

    The gleaming blue has together with the titanium grey contrasting surfaces has an elegant, exclusive and sporty look.

    Cosmic black one

    Using black as a basic colour, white accent surfaces highlight the dynamically modern design.

    3 years warranty.

    Ride on & on & on. We`re giving you an extra year. 

    Now there's a 3-year warranty on all motorcycles. 

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    Good genes. Good looks.

    Good looks unmistakably run in the family – the BMW G 310 R clearly carries the genes of the S 1000 R. The sporty headlight fairing with powerful headlight, dynamic fuel tank trim and typical roadster proportions make it an eye-catcher on the street. The G 310 R is light and strong at the same time thanks to its dynamic front and distinctive rear. The short seat emphasises the roadster dynamic in the rear section and gives the bike, especially in white, an unmistakeable motorsport look. The gold anodised fork and brake callipers emphasise the high-quality workmanship of the machine.
    Another highlight is the detailed aluminium swing arm. The cut-outs ensure lightness and the struts offer stability. And the wide tyres ensure the correct adhesion to the road – riding pleasure is guaranteed.
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    One-cylinder four-stroke engine

    kW (34 HP) at 9,500 rpm
    maximum tightening torque in Nm at 7,500 rpm
    cc capacity
    litre consumption per 100 km based on he WMTC
    Water-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine

    Light, strong and manoeuvrable.

    Light, strong and manoeuvrable.

    And the G 310 R doesn't take second place technically either. Quite the opposite: with the sophisticated and unconventional technical highlights you'll lead instead of follow. The one-cylinder, four-strike 313 cc engine, among other things, helps to ensure this. The unusual tilt of the cylinder to the rear and the cylinder head that has been rotated 180° lowers the centre of gravity and shifts it in the direction of the front wheel. Because of this, the G 310 R is more agile and easier to control.

    The special engine concept also allows a very long swinging arm despite short wheelbase and therefore ensures increased ride stability. Good looks, powerful drive and weighs less than 160 kg, even fully fuelled – with the G 310 R you can simply enjoy motorcycling.

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    Experience the sound of the G 310 R

    The highlights of the G 310 R

    Gold-anodised upside-down fork.
    Gold-anodised upside-down fork.
    Gold brake calipers.
    Gold brake calipers.
    Multi-functional display.
    Multi-functional display.
    Dynamic tank trim.
    Dynamic tank trim.
    Stainless steel exhaust system.
    Stainless steel exhaust system.
    Cast aluminium wheels.
    Cast aluminium wheels.
    Aluminium sing arm.
    Aluminium sing arm.
    Innovative single-cylinder engine.
    Innovative single-cylinder engine.

    Everyone wants to ride it.

    Everyone wants to ride it.

    Ride stress-free and relaxed through the streets with the G 310 R. Even in the big-city hustle and bustle, you'll always ride with confidence thanks to the successful layout of all of the control elements. The successful ergonomic layout of the handlebars, footrest and control elements ensures a superb riding sensation. And on any surface, the geometry and spring and damper tuning makes it an agile city-hopper. Whether riding in heavy city traffic, commuting to work or just getting out of the city at the weekend – with the G 310 R you'll want to ride and ride!

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    Seat heights for every body size.

    The G 310 R offers the right seat for all riders, ensuring your stability on the bike. Alongside the standard seat of just 785 mm, two other options are available as special accessoires: a lower variant with 770 mm and a higher, particularly comfortable seat with seat height of 880 mm.
    Powerful brake system and standard ABS.

    No BMW motorcycle since 2013 has been without it: standard ABS. On the G 310 R, it ensures safe braking manoeuvres on every journey together with the powerful brake pads – even on poor or dirty roads.

    More individuality

    Special equipment and accessories.

    Storage room for every scenario: be it on your everyday commute or on short tours – thanks to the high-quality luggage solutions developed by BMW Motorrad, you are always ideally equipped. Discover the tailed original BMW Motorrad accessories for the G 310 R now.


    Your City, Your Playground

    Challenge the City.

    With the G 310 R through São Paulo.

    The challenges are the same in cities all over the world: red lights, packed subways, long lines of traffic that have you inching forward at a snail's pace. No problem for the G 310 R. It will turn your daily commute to work a into an enjoyable ride and show you the city from a new perspective.

    Stunt rider Chris Northover takes the G 310 R through São Paulo's crazy evening rush hour traffic. He's able to meander the bike through the big city hustle and bustle with lightness and agility. With fast-changing curves, he leaves the city behind and goes out to redefine the city limits. With the new BMW Roadster, Chris demonstrated that 313 cc is just a number and real performance is measured on the road.

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    Accessories for your G 310 R

    Perfect look, optimal protection

    Clothing from BMW Motorrad.

    Looks really good and provides effective protection – discover the extensive range of first-class motorcycle clothing an equipment on offer at BMW Motorrad.

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