At BMW Malaysia, we are committed to ensure you get the most out of your BMW while staying safe at all times-on and off the road. From time to time, we run technical campaigns to address even the slightest possibilities that may disrupt your riding pleasure. Go ahead and use  our Campaign Status Checker above to find out if your BMW is affected.

This Campaign Status Checker is only applicable to BMW vehicle sold by BMW Motorrad Authorized Dealership in Malaysia. For imported used motorcycle, please refer FAQ below.

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What is a Technical Campaign?

BMW follows recommended precautionary exercises from authorities worldwide to address issues that may arise from specific parts or systems. These instances are rare, but as part of our commitment to making your driving pleasure our top priority, it is necessary that we ensure all potential risks are eliminated.

Is my BMW affected?

You can check the status of your BMW by entering your Vehicle Identification Number in the Campaign Status Checker above.

Are motorcycles imported from another country and registered in Malaysia included in these technical campaigns?

Yes. However, you may not be able to check your Vehicle Identification Number in the Campaign Status Checker above. If you wish to find out if your BMW is affected, please contact BMW Customer Relations at

1800 88 3000.

Where can I find my BMW Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

You will find it on the JPJ registration card of your BMW.

What if my vehicle is part of technical campaign, and I don't get it checked?

We encourage you to bring your vehicle to your BMW Authorized Dealer as soon as possible if you find that it is part of a technical campaign. This is to ensure you can continue to enjoy maximum riding pleasure for all your journeys ahead and to continue Make Life A Ride.

Where do I go to get my BMW vehicle checked?

If you use our Campaign Status Checker and find that your vehicle is part of a technical campaign, please contact BMW Customer Relations at

1800 88 3000 or your preferred BMW Authorized Dealer to schedule an appointment. 

Who pays for the repair?

BMW covers the cost of any technical campaigns and safety recalls.

How do I make a booking to have the Technical Campaign completed?

Please make your appointment booking directly with BMW Authorised Dealer. Click here to find your local dealer.

- Completion time for this technical campaign may vary depending on the availability of BMW parts and the status of your BMW.