Packages for the S 1000 RR

Dynamic Package

Dynamism in motion.

The dynamic package promises even more sportiness and dynamism.
LED turn indicators reflect the bike's sporty character. ABS Pro improves stability and guarantees maximum braking safety, even when tilted.

The dynamic package consists of the following equipment:

  • Pro shift assistant
  • Grip heating
  • White LED turn indicator
  • DDC
Race Package:

Get your racer's heart beating faster.

With the Race package, the S 1000 RR looks even sportier.
The Race package contains the Pro riding modes with "Slick" and "User" mode. The latter allows you to set a different DDC setting than in the stick mode. This way, you can select and test out two "chassis settings" while riding at the press of a button.

HP parts.

HP Sports silencer

High-end in perfection: made entirely from titanium, with carbon end cap and heat protection cover, and laser-etched logo. Excel-lent sound makes every trip a sporting experience, right down to the exhaust notes.

  • Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks
  • All titanium (shell, connecting pipe and internals)
  • Low weight: (approximately 2.9 kg), approximately 1.3 kg lighter than the standard component
  • Power and torque at the levels of the standard configuration
  • Carbon end cap and large Carbon heat shield
  • Logo with clearly visible HP inscription lasered on side face
HP titanium exhaust system

The Akrapovič High-Performance complete system: made entirely in titanium with a carbon end cap. With its own engine control, tuned for optimum performance enhancement taking emission control and noise reduction into consideration.

  • Street-legal High-Performance complete system from Akrapovič
  • Exhaust manifold, intermediate pipe and rear silencer, each entirely made from titanium
  • Considerable reduction in weight as compared with standard component: approximately 5.0 kg
  • Special data release for engine control unit
  • Visual enhancement, throaty sound
  • Power and torque at the levels of the standard configuration
HP foot pegs

  • CNC-milled HP rider foot pegs with a wide range of possible settings
  • High-strength aluminium allow, light and extremely rigid, anodised in three colours
  • Optimum ergonomic fit gives maximum comfort and safety
  • With non-slip knurling for surefootedness even in the wet
  • Increased freedom in terms of lean angle thanks to adjustable footrests
  • Can be adjusted both for standard and inverted shift direction
  • Includes carbon heel protection
  • Bracket for standard exhaust system (on right footrest plate) can be dismantled
Pro shift assistant

  • Allows you to shift gears without using the clutch or throttle in almost any load or rev range
  • Advantages: more dynamics with high level of comfort
  • Reduced shift time as compared to a gearshift using the clutch
  • Clear reduction in load change influence on the rear wheel
  • Also in combination with reverse circuit diagram
  • Gears are engaged as usual by means of the depressing your foot on the gear pedal
  • The shift assistant Pro only provides assistant with the actual gearshift. The rider remains responsible for consciously shifting gears.
HP clutch/brake lever (folding)

  • CNC-milled aluminium lever
  • Reversible upward folding function, reduces risk of bending or breaking when falling
  • Ergonomically rounded lever contours
  • Distance between lever and handlebar grip can be adjusted to various levels
  • new ergonomic setting mechanism with small lever (instead of wheel)
  • Installation by BMW Motorrad partner only
HP clutch and brake lever protectors

These lever guards are essential on the racetrack and make a serious statement on public roads.

HP carbon front mudguard

  • Replaces standard plastic wheel cover
  • Customisation option enhancing stylish look and reducing weight
HP carbon tank trim

  • Replaces standard plastic tank cover
  • Customisation option enhancing stylish look and reducing weight
HP carbon airbox cover

  • Replaces standard plastic cover
  • Customisation option enhancing stylish look
HP axle protectors

  • Crash pads for front and rear axles in extremely abrasion-resistant plastic
  • Protect fork and swing arm against scratches if motorcycle falls or tips over
HP engine protectors, left/right

  • HP, aluminium protectors with replaceable, abrasion-resistant, plastic pads
HP forged wheels

  • Forged aluminium wheels, black anodized
  • Lighter weight, optimum rigidity (approx. 2.4 kg lighter than series)
  • Improved handling and suspension responses
  • Rim dimensions: 3.5 x 17 " at front, 6 x 17 " at rear
  • Tyres not included in scope of delivery


Bag for rear seat

Compact, water-tight, custom fit and stable – making the bags affixed to the rear seat stand out. With the 2.5 litre storage space, extendable to 5.5 l, just the right size for a day trip.

  • Watertight main compartment, approx. 2.5 l, can be extended to approx. 5.5 l, inner bag with roll closure
  • Hard-wearing upper material made of polyester/polyurethane
  • 3-sided zip fastener for ease of access
  • Floor panel precisely adjusted to the passenger seat made from EVA with non-slip coating
  • Secure and swift three-point connection
  • Practical carry handle
  • BMW Motorrad logo on the cover
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): approx. 31x26x10 cm
  • Colour: black
Saddle bags

The textile saddle bags provide 10 l storage space on each side, which can be extended to 16 l. Thanks to the quick-lock distance hanger, the machine can quickly be turned into a touring vehicle and back again.

  • Textile saddle bags with quick-lock distance hanger
  • Hard-wearing upper material made of polyester
  • Large main compartment, approx. 10 l on each side, which can be extended to approx. 16 l
  • 3-sided zip fastener for ease of access
  • Bag shape adjusted to the vehicle rear shape
  • With two watertight, removable inner bags
  • Saddle bags connected to one another beneath the rear seat and protected against theft
  • Distance hanger prevents the bags from flapping or making contact with the wheels. Thanks to the quick-lock design, it can quickly be attached/removed from the fixed holder.
  • Reflective welt for good visibility
  • Practical carry handle
  • S 1000 lettering "R" on the rear side
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): approx. 41x18x27cm (when extended: 41x23x27 cm)
  • Colour: black

Rear bag

Rear bag

  • Functional rear softbag made of hard-wearing outer material (polyester/polyurethane)
  • Floor panel precisely adjusted to the passenger seat made from EVA with non-slip coating
  • Watertight main compartment with approx. 25 l contents, can be extended to approx. 32 l (volume adjustment using 2 zip fasteners)
  • 2 side, splash-water protected outer bags with rubber zip fasteners
  • Carry handle on lid and removable carry strap with adjustable length
  • Reflective areas at the rear to increase visibility

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LED turn indicators

  • Sleek, side-mounted turn indicators with LED technology
  • White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per indicator
  • Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs

High windscreen.

High windscreen.

  • Bubble windscreen, either clear or tinted
  • Higher than the standard windscreen (+ approx. 5 cm)
  • Increased wind protection for the rider

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Sports workstand.

Sports workstand.

For quickly and safely jacking up the front or back wheel. The two auxiliary stands sport, front and rear, are significantly different in terms of their width.

  • Safe and very sturdy support − resistant to forces from all directions
  • Lightweight design using sturdy painted steel tubing (diameter 40 mm)
  • Paint protection film for areas exposed to scratching
  • 4 large rolls with BMW Motorrad logo
  • Only low effort required to affix
  • Front/rear load-bearing capacity: max. 200 kg each (static)

Front sport workstand can only be used in conjunction with rear sport workstand.

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Your very own superbike

S 1000 RR.

Read more about your BMW dream bike.

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