The GS Trophy 2020 Qualifier Team Malaysia.

Anticipation, thrills, excitement.

For some is was a big reunion, for others it was a major challenge. They may have ridden countless kilometres – but you could still see what was at stake for all participants at the start of the qualifier: one of just three coveted places on team Malaysia. But nerves were quickly set aside and the riders showed what they and their bikes are truly capable of. Family members, spectators and friends shared the excitement. Spurred on by the enthusiastic encouragement, some participants delivered a top performance.

We're all different, and that will make us stronger. „

Chan Kiang Wei

To the limit. And beyond.

The individual special tests demanded a whole range of riding skills from the participants: Tasks that may seem easy can quickly become surprisingly strenuous challenges. The participants were required to demonstrate excellent vehicle control in different situations, agility and a highly developed sense of balance, as well as standard skills in serious situations. In short: a veritable dream for real endurance fans and a realistic taste of what is to come in the International GS Trophy 2020.

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Mohd Zulfakar & Norizuan Abdullah

These riders will represent team Malaysia.

These riders will represent team Malaysia.

All riders were dedicated, enthusiastic and full of energy. But only three made it to the next stage to take part in the International GS Trophy 2020. Here is our team for Malaysia: Mohd Zulfakar, Norizuan Abdullah and Chan Kiang Wei.

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The excitement is mounting.

The Int. GS Trophy 2020 is getting closer. The location is already set. We are excited to see what the participants will experience on this unique offroad adventure. Find out all the details on the Int. GS Trophy 2020 here.

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