Whether you're planning to travel endless kilometres on your motorcycle, explore remote terrain, cruise relaxed around the country roads, hit the city, or test your limits on the racetrack: your rider's gear is a major factor in your riding experience. The BMW Motorrad Rider's Gear collection meets our high standards of safety and comfort. It is setting new standards with premium materials and an excellent fit. And our designers have also done themselves proud once again in terms of appearance with the new colours.

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Developed by bikers for bikers: The BMW Motorrad Rider's Gear Collection combines safety, comfort and style.


Street-style highlights

Do you prefer flitting around town on your scooter or your electric eParkourer? You move quickly, agile and flexibly between your personal hotspots. Our equipment gives you perfect support. It ensures that you are visible in traffic and can be seen without your motorcycle. Highlights of the #PluggedToLife Collection include the Tokyo Connect Gore-Tex and Singapore jackets, London trousers with protectors on the hips and knees, and the super-lightweight Seoul sneakers.

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Highlights for comfortable touring

The vastness draws you in: this collection has one or two tricks up its sleeve to ensure that you can ride comfortably on long distances and never ever want to get off your touring bike. Material mix is the buzz word for optimum protection, a comfortable fit and freedom of movement. Some are waterproof, others are breathable and you'll find stretch in all the right places. Highlights of the #RideAndShare Collection include the System 7 Carbon Evo helmet, Aravis Air jacket and trousers, and Gerlos waterproof trousers.


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Highlights for the great adventure

Steep hills, loose scree, soft sand – things can get quite tricky off-road. That's why we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in your equipment. The #SpiritOfGS Collection is literally designed for tough off-road endurance riding. Highlights include the GS Rallye Gore-Tex and GS Puna Gore-Tex jacket and trousers with reinforcements at the potential contact points, as well as the GS Competition boots, which never give up even under the toughest conditions – just like you.


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Highlights for your performance ambitions

You're always looking for the next challenge on your performance bike. Everything has to be just so when you're going for these elusive milliseconds. Your equipment is designed to give you maximum freedom of movement while providing as much protection as possible. The #NeverStopChallenging Collection was designed specifically for this purpose. Highlights include the M Pro Race integral helmet, as well as the Downforce jacket with leather stretch inserts and protectors.


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Highlights with a Heritage character

You love your Heritage bike for its unique and nostalgic look. We've designed the right equipment for #Soulfuel fans to ensure that you visually live up to your bike in every way. It includes, for example, the Mitte jacket or Treptow Gore-Tex boots, guaranteed to look good in every situation. Alongside their classic cool style, all apparel meets the most exacting safety requirements for use on a motorcycle.


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The BMW Motorrad Rider's Gear Collection 2024

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