Dynamic. Powerful. Versatile. The brand-new R 1300 GS is here. This bike makes every trip into pure fun, turning any terrain into a huge playground. With this bike, you set the bar higher and take your riding to the next level. Together, the two of you embody the #SpiritOfGS in its purest form.

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Let’s set the pace together.


Your BMW R 1300 GS

Reduced to the essential

Thanks to Keyless Ride, you can just climb on and head off on an adventure on your R 1300 GS. You sit comfortably on the standard rider’s seat. You activate the turn indicator that is integrated into the glove and take a turn. You have everything you need for your trip. Nothing more and nothing less. No superfluous parts, with everything condensed to encapsulate the essence of GS: the pure joy of riding.

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