Anyone who has ever ridden their motorcycles with insufficient pressure in the tyres knows how crucial or even dangerous the bike's worsened handling can be. So of course, you should always check your tyre pressure at regular intervals and before long journeys. A sudden or gradual loss of pressure during the journey for instance due to damaged valves or infiltrating foreign matter is possible all the time – and poses a big risk.
Now with gradient monitoring, RDC from BMW Motorrad constantly monitors tyre pressure and provides you with real-time updates. The fact that the values can be displayed in the cockpit at the touch of a button means that you no longer have to get your hands dirty going through the tiresome ordeal of carrying out a pressure test at the petrol station. Radio sensors on the wheels supply the required data. Furthermore, RDC also has an active warning function. As soon as a relevant deviation from the specified values is detected, a yellow info light or a red warning light automatically indicates the loss in pressure. In addition, the warning is also issued when the pressure is still within the safe range but is falling quickly. If a sensor fails, the rider is also alerted of this immediately.
The extended RDC is therefore an important step towards increased riding safety on motorcycles.
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