The communication system consists of a M-ASK-H, a microphone and two speakers for a helmet, as well as NiMH batteries that have a continuous operating time of ten to twelve hours. The system is controlled via a three-button module that fits exactly into the back of the helmet.
The BMW Motorrad communication system is intended to enable a driver and a pillion passenger to communicate, but it also enables communication with other Bluetooth-capable devices. For example, in addition to being able to talk to the passenger, the driver can also hear directions from the BMW Motorrad Navigator, make telephone calls or listen to music, provided that the other devices are also Bluetooth compatible.
The BMW Motorrad communication system also enables communication from motorcycle to motorcycle. Depending on the conditions, the system is capable of communications over distances of up to 100 meters, with slight limitations to the audio quality. If the connection is interrupted due to greater distances or poor conditions, it will be automatically restored when the distance between the parties is small enough again.
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