Stability is an important factor for riders in mastering their motorcycling skills – especially at traffic lights and for manoeuvring. Stability is significantly influenced by the following factors:
  • The height of the motorcycle: Enduro machines have a greater overall height due to their longer spring travel and other factors.
  • Vehicle weight and centre of gravity: BMW motorcycles score high for their extremely low centre of gravity.
  • Front area seat width: BMW Motorrad seats are narrower at the front. This makes dismounting easier.
The wider the seat, the larger the inner leg curve required. That means that even at the same seat height, one bike may allow you to reach the ground with both feet whereas you may only barely be able to tiptoe on another bike. It all depends on the width of the seat. BMW Motorrad has incorporated these insights into the design of its seats. The results: the ground is easily within reach without any sacrifice in comfort.
There are two ways of customising the height of BMW motorcycles. One way is to lower the bike at the continuously adjustable spring strut and fixed fork tubes. This can be done by riders themselves. The second method uses a special lowering kit available from the factory.
Rider seat height can be modified separately using an adjustable saddle bracket for single seats. This can be done in a few easy steps without the need for any tools and without sacrificing any of the comfort. With this method, the seat can be lowered by as much as 30 mm.
BMW Motorrad also offers seats of various heights (low seat, reupholstered or high seat, extra padding). These can be ordered directly from the factory at no additional charge. They can also be retrofitted as optional accessories. This allows the seat height to be adjusted by 30–40 mm.
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