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The BMW C 650 GT is the latest and most exclusive maxi scooter from BMW Motorrad. Its stylish and streamlined silhouette emphasises its elegant character. The comprehensive fairing, comfortable seat and high windshield allow you to cover long distances in comfort - regardless of the weather. In addition, the large storage compartment ensures you can easily store your shopping, luggage or up to two helmets. An innovative safety feature is the optional (SVA) Side View Assist. This is particularly useful in an urban environment as it warns of vehicles approaching in your blind spot at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The design of the C 650 GT

Choose your style.

You have the choice – the C 650 GT is available in three attractive colour variants: ocean blue metallic matt, black storm and light white.

    Ocean blue metallic matt

    Attracts the attention and emphasizes the modern form language of form.

    Black storm

    Highlights the elegant character of the vehicle.

    Light white

    Gives the C 650 GT a particularly light and agile appearance.

    3 years warranty.

    Ride on & on & on. We`re giving you an extra year. 

    Now there's a 3-year warranty on all motorcycles. 

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    Attracts the looks of passers-by.

    The new C 650 GT features a distinctive and modern rear section with an appealing look and a new rear light. Details such as the "GT" logo stitched on the seat and the new handlebar cover with a high-gloss centre section and chrome highlights emphasize the particularly sophisticated and exclusive character of the C 650 GT. The higher mirrors vibrate less and provide a better rear view.
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    Two-cylinder in-line engine

    kW (60 PS) at 7,750 rpm
    km/h maximum speed
    cc capacity
    litre consumption per 100 km based on the WMTC
    Water-cooled, four-stroke twin-cylinder engine

    Powerfully built.

    Powerfully built.

    The dynamic and powerful water-cooled in-line twin-cylinder engine that delivers 63 Nm, 44 kW (60 hp) and a maximum speed of 180 km/h makes the scooter an agile vehicle for the city and a powerful companion for long journeys.

    Thanks to the re-designed clutch and CVT, the scooter now accelerates faster at lower speeds, like at traffic lights.

    A reduced-power version with 35 kW (48 hp) ensures that holders of EU driving licences under 25 can also enjoy the C 650 GT.

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    New look. Powerful sound.

    New look. Powerful sound.

    The C 650 GT has a new exhaust system made from high-quality stainless steel. It looks extremely flashy, is much lighter than its predecessor and has lower emission and noise levels. In addition, it provides a fuller, more powerful sound.

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    Experience the sound of the C 650 GT

    The highlights of the C 650 GT

    Concise front.
    C 650 GT Front
    New handlebar covers.
    C 650 GT handlebar covers
    High-quality instrument cluster.
    C 650 GT instrument cluster
    Many attractive details.
    C 650 GT Details
    Optimised centre stand.
    C 650 GT centre stand
    New silencer.
    C 650 GT silencer
    Elegant rear section.
    C 650 GT rear section
    Generous storage space.
    C 650 GT storage space

    Comfortably through town.

    Comfortably through town.

    The C 650 GT is the most exclusive maxi scooter from BMW Motorrad. You can now ride in extra comfort thanks to the electrically adjustable windscreen and optional accessories such as heated handles and seat. The scooter also features the largest storage compartment in its class, integrated invisibly in the stretched silhouette.

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    Side View Assist (SVA).

    See what goes on around you.
    An innovative safety feature is the optional (SVA) Side View Assist. This is particularly useful in an urban environment as it warns of vehicles approaching in your blind spot at speeds of up to 80 km/h.
    ABS and ASC as standard.

    The the greatest possible safety when braking and accelerating.
    In addition to the ABS (anti-lock braking system), a fully-fledged ASC (anti-slip control) is now standard for C 650 GT, too. The ASC enhances rider safety, especially when road conditions are unpredictable, through active intervention in the engine management system when required. It prevents the back wheel from spinning when driving in the rain, for instance.
    New spring and shock absorber setting.

    New, more convenient setting.
    The chassis and suspension setup of the C 650 GT has been completely re-designed. The spring rate of the front fork springs and the rear spring strut has been reduced by 10 percent. This gives the vehicle more sensitive response without reducing its stability.
    Adaptive daytime riding light.

    Automatically ensures the best lighting.
    The daytime riding lights automatically adjust to the environment. When entering and exiting a tunnel, for example, they automatically switch to low beams and back. The rider no longer has to manually adjust the lights. This makes it easier to concentrate on the traffic.
    Optimised centre stand.

    Easier to jack up.
    The C 650 GT is even easier to jack up. The kinematics of the main stand have been re-designed, reducing the strength required for jacking up the scooter by 30 percent.

    More individuality

    Special equipment and accessories.

    The extensive range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories rounds off this deliberate electro maxi scooter.

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    Interview with Edgar Heinrich

    Back in Bavaria after India.

    Interview with Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad.

    After a brief stint in India, Edgar Heinrich returned to Munich to lead the BMW Motorrad design team. It was a happy return for the motorcycle enthusiast, who began his career at BMW in 1986. He spearheaded the design of many BMW motorcycles: the Paris-Dakar rally bike, the K 1200 S and R, the HP2 Enduro, the R 1150 GS, the R 1200 GS and most recently the S 1000 RR.

    Before his time at Indian automaker Bajaj, he was also involved in the design of the K 1600 GT and GTL touring bikes as well as the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT maxi scooter. All of them were successful products that expanded the horizons of this established market segment and attracted many new customers to the brand. In an exclusive interview with BMW Motorrad, Edgar Heinrich talks about his passion for designing, collecting and restoring motorcycles of all kinds.

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    C 650 GT accessories

    Maxi Scooter Feeling to wear

    Clothing from BMW Motorrad.

    The clothing and equipment which perfectly suits the maxi-scooter – so you are on the safe side fashionably as well as functionally.